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In early 2019 my latest book THE RAINMAKER will be released by my publisher.

During the course of this year, my research for this new book led to identifying trends that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to succeed in their endevours. This article focuses on women and their part in the international business arena.

In a word – unfair, unjust and time to take action ladies.



Since leaving stockbroking in July 2000, I have been involved in inumerable global projects, personally managing everyone of them. Some of these have taken me to scientific fields, such as researching farminig, chemicals, oil, warfare equipment, mining and so on. In over 90% of these projects, women were excluded.

These projects often take months – and years, in some cases – and always starts with in-depth research into market and industry trends, economic cycles and best practice guidelines. I have been repeatedly astounded at how some extremely basic and fundamental (and essenntial) structures have been ignored, poorly managed and often just not taken notice of.

But the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is to ignore the skills and experience women bring to the workforce. The following statistics point to a lack of logic and critically needs to be tackled head on.

Global Statistics

  • Women are generally living longer and outliving men.
  • Women usually earn less than men do and change jobs more frequently, usually in the pursuit of making more money.
  • 75% of the elderly persons living below the poverty level are women. A great many of them have meager pensions as their sole source of funds.
  • 80% of the widows presently living in poverty were not poor prior to their husband’s death.
  • Only 14% of women married or living with a partner felt responsible for preparing for retirement.
  • In couples living and planning together, most women are responsible for the daily management of household finances, with 58% paying monthly bills and 44% maintaining the household budget.
  • Only 15% of women made investment decisions on their own, as compared with 38% of the men.
  • Less than 13% of women say they are knowledgeable when it comes to investing.
  • Primary reasons for not investing is that they had no money to invest or they didn’t know where to begin.
  • Almost 50% of all the men and women say that men are more knowledgeable, and 30% say that men and women are equally knowledgeable about investments.



The above  are some simple statistics, but point to a dire need to empower women to enter the workforce.

I can help in two ways:

  1. Become a researcher: get paid to conduct industry analysis.
  2. Apply for funding.


I have a training programme to teach you to become a researcher and, on completion, projects will be commissioned. Secondly, i have access to SME funding – based in South Africa offers between R5 million and R10 million. No experience needed and all advice will be provided.


  • In the first option, the programme is a private, 1-on-1 training one.
  • In the second, I act as an intemediary to introduce you to capital providers. I dont provide these funds.
  • No investing takes place.
  • Fees charged are for training and corporate finance.

For more details:


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